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I'll wrap my words in paper bags

USA-Spain I 2018 I Video I 14:38 I English
(Spa. subs available)

A silent unrendered green screen woman wandering

around Chinatown, Manhattan.

Paper Bags is a production of the 2018 Uniondocs Collaborative Studio

Directed & Edited by Magdalena Orellana

Camera & Sound by Jenny Groza 

I’ll wrap my words in paper bags is a short film in which the filmmaker leads us through a series of interviews wearing a green screen body suit around Chinatown, Manhattan.


Green screens can sometimes be malleable empty vessels, allowing us to replace any given surface or space with infinite scenarios. Paper Bags uses this element to pivot between classic mediums like interviews, observational driven shots, and something closer to an anomalous film that could resemble what a Science-Fiction B movie might look like.


The film develops as unrendered video effect while questioning the filmmaker’s position: the “green screen woman” becomes an alien, presenting itself as the strange one before the gaze of the others. The green alien is then reduced to an empty surface waiting to be filled by other people’s projections while trying to evoke what documentary filmmaking might be about.