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Un anticomputador sentimental
A sentimental anticomputer




_Virtual screening program

March 2020


I’ve made a PDF with some endearingly

strange films I found on the Internet.


Download it here.





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_Upload/Yup, Modern Sensibility


March 2020

Yup, Modern Sensibility (2019) is a work by Magdalena Orellana developed during a Summer Sessions residency at V2_ (Rotterdam) with the support of Hangar.


The project is a tiny 76-page manual that will hopefully help you navigate any IKEA store. The title was taken from IKEA’s own 2019 annual catalog and is far from being a closed statement: it actually questions what IKEA could possibly mean by modern sensibility, or if there’s any sensibility left at all in a time when we all probably own the same set of chairs that matches our table inside a space we like to call home.

You can read more about the project here.






_Group Exhibition/Screening/Roy sings cher

Una imagen que no duela ni cueste mirar 



Jan 29

Sala de Arte Joven de la Comunidad de Madrid

La Sala de Arte Joven presenta la exposición “Una imagen que no duela ni cueste mirar”, uno de los proyectos ganadores de la XI edición de la convocatoria “Se busca comisario”. La muestra, comisariada por Anne Françoise Raskin y Víctor Aguado, trata de realizar una arqueología de la noche madrileña a través de temas como la rebeldía subjetiva, la emancipación social o la alegría compartida por las colectividades temporales.






_Group exhibition/Lecutre/ACENTO 2020 


Jan 22-24

La casa Encendida & CA2M (Centro de Arte 2 de Mayo)


Work in progress/Lecture on my research project El Único destino de los coches es chocar contra los árboles/Cars' only destiny is to crash into trees as part of Acento 2020.

Acento is a program associated with Artists in Residence, a joint project of La Casa Encendida and the CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, whose aim is to support projects focused on working with the body from a performative perspective.





_Video/Muiñeira para a filla da bruxa (2019)


Music video for Rodrigo Cuevas directed by Nuberu Bagu.

Dirección: Nuberu bagu (Jorge Rojas, Magdalena Orellana, Rigel Pomares Amaré, Victor Villavicencio) Dirección de producción: Mireya Delgado

Ayudante de producción: Illán Gamonal

Ayudante de dirección: Alejandro Pérez Castellanos Dirección de arte-vestuario: Bárbara Portilla Santana Maquillaje: Kyara Higginson

Best-Spark-Boy-Gaffer-Electrician: Jaime Mangas Producción ejecutiva: Rodrigo Cuevas, El Cohete Internacional

Producción musical: Raül Refree





_Exhibition > V2_ Residency/Summer Sessions 2019

September 09 2019

V2_ Lab For the Unstable Media (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

Presentation of my latest project: 

Yup, Modern Sensibility.

With the support of Hangar (Spain) and V2_ (Netherlands)

«Witness the outcomes of this year's residencies at Summer Sessions 2019. The artists will present the projects they’ve realized and talk about their residencies and creative processes. In this one-night exhibition, works will be demonstrated live, and visitors will have an opportunity to test and experiment with the works and converse with the artists.»


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_Screening/I'll wrap my words in paper bags

23 June 2019

Cineteca (Madrid, Spain)

Cine del Barrio: Algunas Formas de Resistencia

Curated by CineZeta

The screening took place as part

of a session dedicated to the notions of

Neighborhoods & Territoriality.


The program shows a selection of works that somehow revisit the way we redefine certain areas and limits that we usually take for granted. It proposes a series of approaches that strive to seek estrangement in what it has already been delimited. The screening includes works by Anri Sala, Deborah Stratman, and Óscar Pérez.


Full program here

Revista Acta 90s.jpg

_Exhibition + Publication

Dissident routes, common resistances

June 15, 2019

Reina Sofía Museum's Library (Madrid, Spain)

Presentation of Acta 4 Magazine, featuring some scanned pieces from the Scanning Archive project

by Magdalena Orellana.

About the exhibition:
DO THE 90s FIT IN A MAGAZINE? The students of the itinerary of theory and art criticism of the Master of History of Contemporary Art and Visual Culture (UAM-UCM) present Dissenting routes, common resistances, the fourth issue of the ACTA magazine. ACTA 4 reflects on the validity of the actions and concerns that marked the alternative scene of the 90s: realities that shape the social movements that grow and are reinterpreted in our day as engines of current cultural demands. ACTA 4 is definitely a project of dissident routes, of common resistance. The magazine arises in parallel to the exhibition project Playful-political resistance in the Madrid of the 90s."




_Screening/Experimentales del Sur - Sólo he tirado un plato contra la pared para que usted se diese la vuelta

April 14, 2019

Círculo de Bellas Artes (Madrid, Spain)


Magdalena Orellana's short films program as part of Experimentales del Sur, a series of screenings curated by Víctor Aguado Machuca in collaboration with AMEE and Cine Estudio-Círculo de Bellas Artes. 


Experimentales del Sur is dedicated to experimental practices carried out by artists from supposedly peripheral countries under dynamic dispersion and fragmentation of hegemonic cultural models.

This screening shows a selection of the audiovisual work of Magdalena Orellana. It contains a series of documentary short films made between 2017 and 2018, whose creative principle consists in provoking a certain situation that serves as a pretext to attract the attention of "the others" and thus objectifies their performance. In this selection - which was followed by a colloquium with the author - there is primary attention to certain scenes of naivety and ridiculous, produced by the presence of locally known urban characters, or that occur when certain ascetic and ecstatic rituals are frustrated by the contemporary propensity to document any phenomenon. 

(Text by Víctor Aguado Machuca)


Screening printed program designed by Magdalena Orellana. 





Feb 6, 2019

Cover design & text for Facundo Orellana's latest zine: AUTOPILOT

Copies available here

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 12.21.11

_Video/Twerking on a bus (2019)

Twerking on a bus is a Tombolo Live and Nuberu Bagu production made by Nuberu Bagu (Jorge Rojas, Magdalena Orellana, Rigel Pomares Amaré & Víctor Villavicencio) for Marc Rebillet's concert in Madrid (Tombolo)


The video's based on a live streaming by Marc Rebillet somewhere in Vienna.





A smile is not a paradigm_Still-1.jpg

_Screening/A smile is not a paradigm (2018)

Jan 26, 2019

New Year New Work 2019 Festival

The Filmmakers'-Coop (NY,USA)


_Art residence 

Dec 21, 2018

"El único destino de los coches es chocar contra los árboles" ("Cars' only destiny is to crash into trees") 

Project selected to participate in Artistas en residencia 2019 (Artists in residence) a program by La Casa Encendida and CA2M.

OTRAS-LUCES_FOLLETO_web-2j (1).jpg

_Screening/ Isla de Perros (2017)

Dec 21, 2018

Otras Luces III (Pamplona, Spain)

Muestra de vídeo arte 

Video Art exhibition

This 3rd edition was curated by

students of the Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola (Donostia, Spain)

_Screening/New Incógnito Window (2nd edition)

Nov 6, 2018

ECAM (Madrid, Spain) 

NIW is a program curated by Elisa Celda and Magdalena Orellana. On this 2nd edition, they presented the program for the first time in Madrid, Spain. 


_Screening & Lecture/Conversaciones (2016)

Nov 15, 2018

MediaLab Prado (Madrid, Spain)

En red 10º  Simposio de arte sonoro y música electroacústica (En Red 10º Symposium

of sound art and electroacoustic music)

Curated by AMEE - Asociación de música electroacústica y Arte Sonoro de España(Association of Electroacoustic Music and Sound Art of Spain)

_Screening/El Sol sale para todos (2017)

Nov 9, 2018

BilbaoArte (Bilbao, Spain)

Proyección - Actúe con normalidad. Hacia el arte sonoro desde el cine experimental  (Act normally. Towards the sound art from the experimental cinema)

Program curated by AMEE - Asociación de Música Electroacústica y Arte Sonoro de España (Association of Electroacoustic Music and Sound Art of Spain)

_Screening/New Incógnito Window (1st edition)

May 16, 2018

The Filmmakers'-Coop (New York, USA)

Curated by Elisa Celda and Magdalena Orellana.

NIW is a program born out of the necessity of creating new spaces for the auto-distribution of works that navigate new ways of making and thinking about cinema within the already known channels of production and distribution. On this 1st edition, we included eight short films from independent Spanish & Latin American filmmakers based in Spain that work around the notions of 'cameraless' cinema, small productions, daily cellphone footage, Ted talks, night, debris...

In the end: a journey back to the deep internal generational guts of Spain. 

The screening took place as part of the Filmmakers'-Coop program FMC Global; a new series highlighting experimental film from underrepresented communities around the globe from the 1960s to now.