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A smile is not a paradigm
USA I 2018 I 16mm to video I 04:07 I English 
(Spa version available)


Portrait of Jimmy the Nose. 


Directed, shot & edited by Magdalena Orellana

Sound by Lydia Cornett 

Film stock & digital scan provided by Mono No Aware

A smile is not a paradigm is a 16MM B&W portrait made out of TripAdvisor's reviews: Jimmy the Nose is the host of the famous Italian restaurant "Umberto's Clam House" (Little Italy, New York)


This place was once known to be a hot spot where members of the Italian mafia gathered. In the late 60s, one capo was killed outside the restaurant and the place became a legend, but what makes it touristically famous now is Jimmy: he sings, performs, and offers free wine to catch customers, who seem to weirdly fall into the Frank-Sinatra-meets-Alice-in-Wonderland hole.


This short film also wonders what are the implications of portraying someone, and how's internet (Google Street View, TripAdvisor, social media, etc.)redefining how we preconceive the city, our common spaces and people we relate to daily.